Sunday, June 21, 2009

angry cat part 4

final part of the story
dedicated to all my friends

we got to pick ourselves up

okay some of screen caps if my work process

well this was a piece I had more problems with then my last three.

My main concern was composition, and building enough space with a crowd of cats and giving them enough of a stage to express themselves.

and it took me a while to get to here. Simple flat colors, I knew I'd change their colors as I was working on it. But I knew I wanted to shift the tones from blue to amber.

just working on the shading immediately. Like in the last pieces, I work on the easiest characters immediately. I've been working on the cat and rat for a while, I knew where I'd go with them color wise.

now just going out into the background building up the light direction. Want it to feel as if it was a spotlight.

Focusing on the cat, since he's trapped inside the glass and should have his own source of light

Oh noes, my art is naked :O

building the stage and working on the audience cats

Originally this cat was the same blue hue as the Rat, tweeked around with the settings. And made him purple, so he can stand out. Added some white, which could be his own color, but also helps bring out the lamp behind him.

I love rendering out glass and rum in color. It's something simple, or at least I'm so used to it. But like after the first time you study how light hits glass, then it's trapped in your mind forever.

dressing up the audience, can't have them naked. That would be indecent.

Now this is difficult, the cat has his face pressed up to the glass. Now how this works is there should be little light to what is pushed up against the glass. Even if the glass is in front of a light, the lighting should be different then his body. So I went with a brownish hue, darken those areas and highlighted whats around him.

now desaturated the color of the up close glass. It's not the best, but it works to get the idea across.

Adding the layer option of color dodge to pop out the light

finally there, but I needed to tweak up the colors to help direct the viewer's attention.

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