Wednesday, February 8, 2012

eve meyer

Eve Meyer
Normally I don't immediately paint in photoshop, I usually work on a pencil sketch then add colors to it. But this one I just went straight to work.
Without really wasting too much time on each step, I'll go into some small details about it
I was using a new paper bag for a texture
This was a fun piece to work on, I normally don't enjoy posting referenced photos as a finished piece except for experiments. This one turned out really well. And also a small sketch I did of Eve Meyers before hand

Saturday, February 4, 2012

alien study

Sorry I have not posted more then a month, been a sluggish start of the year, been more fooling around with ideas.
Recently been taking a break how I normally illustrate and just using reference photos to paint.
well originally I start by illustrating in a monotone style with shades of gray.
As i get close to what I like, I start slapping in high saturation color tone with the intention to blend them into those gray tones.
there is no real intention to be photo realistic, just try to play around with colors, what should pop what shouldn't.
learn from your mistakes, it was a wonderful experiment to play around with