Friday, July 31, 2009

trip Sketching

I had a long trip, forgot my digital camera but I wanted to post up some of the pages of sketches I did while I was away.

drawing on the plane, helped since I had a window seat, and all I could do was look out into 30,000 feet and juse see clouds and mountains

always wonder what people think of me as I'm drawing asses?

Hooked on Amanda Conner's Wednesday comic strip. So lucky we could trade sketch books. HAHA! Saved me a few bucks especially after I had such a terrible night and she lifted my spirits

Yeah, spilled wine on this one at Shane Corne's Mondo Gelato Drawing Jam. Shane Glines was trying to cheer me up "Hey don't worry, it looks like a cool ink wash piece."

The Women of San Diego, I love the feathered hair homeless man in the middle right. He had a tweed suit and he kept yelling at anyone who was in front of him. Very colorful city San Diego

Because of waiting in line, standing up.... and well I only got like 2 hours of sleep from sleeping in a hotel toilet, I kept falling asleep on every panel I attended. So my solution, I kept drawing anyone who was on the panel, Sergio Aragones and Stan Saki were super expressive and perfect models.... without boobs

Waiting in line for the True Blood panel, Which took 2 HOURS WAITING! We would just stop the line in order to stay in the shade, there's a lot of people there with sunburns because they were waiting in line. And a drunken drawing from Drink and Draw.

More Sketches from True Blood Panel, and then the Drawing Jam at the Gelato, which was wonderfully childish, especially since your hanging out with the best artists in the world and your eating Gelato with little plastic spoons.
Hellboy sketches because I was explaining Robert Iza how to draw Hellboy, and some of Iza's own Ninja character.

As the Exhaust is being pumped into my face, more people of San Diego while waiting for a bus.

sketches on my birthday while hanging out on Dolores park. Lovely weather, I'm now brown right now.... my NATURAL Skin tone.

And more drawings while on a plane.

my girlie hands with nail polish, Funny story to this image. I'm drawing for Alex Ahad, now I've been trying to steal his style for YEARS. And like I'm drawing in his style right now..... and I HAD NO IDEA WHO HE WAS TILL I WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE. So right now I'm drawing something that's HEAVILY Inspired by him and we are talking about music we listen to as we read Hellboy. And he's loving my sketch but I'm thinking about his art not knowing who he is. Blah, it was embarrassing.
Still I made a good friend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

proof I was at comicon

I didn't bring a camera, so I'm relying on my friends to post up photos that I was kinda in.

Monday, July 13, 2009

the man who laughs

playing around with a new style in painter. it's good to just paint something, and not worry about scanning and tweaking everything.

and some speed painting

Friday, July 3, 2009

livestream over

sorry, it was a mess. A lot of shaky cam, and dropping pens. The hard part is focusing on the webcam while drawing, which is a difficult to juggle both. Still thank you for coming
well here's the test, thank you for visiting