Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Achievement Whoring

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I bought Batman Arkham Asylum on steam when it was on sale. Now I was holding out for Joker DLC, but sadly that never happened. Well, now I got every single achievement in the game so basicly I should go back to drawing..... but instead I turned my attention to other video games to check to see if there any other easy achievements to get. It's one of those moments where I start with the easy achievements and then I'm devoting an entire weekend onto getting super hard achievements.

By the way, I'm sharing my account with my cousin who has it tied with his children 360.
But anyway I have been sketching while the games are loading..... luckily Arkham Asylum has so little loading so it's very little from actual fighting.

Working on Bud and Lou, Joker and Harley's Pet Hyenas. Hyenas are so cute, didn't want to make them look vicious like they look on the animated series.

I love Harley and Ivy a lot, but I felt like there wasn't enough of an effort most artist trying to make them different. I do think it's funny as cartoon characters if they look the same but I do think they should be individuals in one form or another. Ivy has higher cheek bones, smaller eyes, longer legs larger bust, and Harley is rounder larger bottom, thicker hips large eyes for expression and a round happy smile

I actually don't mind the redesigns of Harley and Ivy in Arkham Asylum, the game felt a lot like reading a Graphic novel by Simon Bisley. But I did feel the motion capture and animation was a bit off since it didn't show them as cartoon characters. The Joy of Harley is really giver her really silly expressions because Arleen Sorkin's voice is AMAZING! One minute she's squeaky then the next she's crackling loud, the game's motion capture made her look like a cheap stripper, but then again everyone in the game is on steroids. Jim Gordon looks like he stomach crunches 3000 times a day and eats gravel. It's a style change I can live with.

To be honest I feel insecure how I draw women, so I'm like just going through a phase of analyzing my own work. Just working around eye size, and body shape.

I'm debating about doing an Arkham Asylum redesign cover, because the game should literally be just "BATMAN IN A MOSH PIT!" instead of Batman just casually standing there looking a bit lost.