Saturday, September 29, 2012

Flower Bouquet

flower bouquet still life study.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Flower study

doing a painting on a wax flower in my bathroom.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rita Hayworth

a illustration of my favorite actress Rita Hayworth.
Sadly I didn't document my progress on this piece. I more or less just painted and through hard work made it here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

joanna painting

revisiting an older sketch I did about 7 years ago of an old friend Joanna.
Here's some slight images of my work process on working on this piece
 simple break down, not close to the real photo, had to resize the head a lot.
started early on with grey tones help me a lot, colors are easy to get confused on the shape, so it's best to be black and white.

 the color is blended into the grey tones, although not as appeal but still it works to get the job done

a lot of slapping of colors in there, the primary colors sometimes just sit there waiting to get blended in. The dress is a difficult piece, but trying to set up a flow of the fabric.

closer to the end, still always little details to update like the nose, hands, and fabric.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chun Li VS Mai

I'm inspired by my friend Justin and Camilla when they draw beautiful statuesque women.
been sketching chun li all my life, so for me, it's that design of he neck, her shoulders that really stand out and become so iconic. I used Street Fighter 3 for it's more WuShu fighting style.
takes me a while working on the line work. I feel very insecure about a lot of things, Scanned it in at multiple points, in fact thought about not finishing the lines and going straight into photoshop

the color are simple, same colors on each not too different considering how mia is so influenced by chun li.

 I tend to use the same cardboard texture

without the textures

inspired by the Scott Pilgrim DVD cover, wanted to just try it out and see how it'd turn out.

I really wanted to push the shadows, to show more weight into their shape and form. It's easy to exaggerate them, but still their known for being different in their bust and thighs, so that's why I went the way I did.
This is really a gift to my friends and their inspiration.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TF2 conga Line

been thinking about this one since I first started playing the game. Just the typical scene of just a crew of players getting dominated by an effective spy.

sketching ideas over this piece. A nice idea of each characters own clumsily running to a sentry gun.

early on I knew this wouldn't work crammed into a simple 8x11 inch sheet of paper. I would need to draw individually each character on a sheet of paper.
so it's a mess but I could work around this

the thing is most of the tf2 characters have individual colors even if they are blue and red

here it's getting closer along

almost everyone has their own colors

a more rendered out sniper

closer to the final version but still not the right colors down, more need for blending into the background
this was a fun piece to work on. Much much much larger then I imagined, a file size of 270 mb large, and 28x8 inches large composition.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


 Inspired by a Depeche Mode song. Love the fashion models but had to have my own humor into it.

it took me a while to get this right, so I started just trying to work the fashion model angel

and then I decided to explore myself with my cat

I have this blue color erase pencil lead so I played with that to get the right movement
I rushed in and started working in without the lines being finished and set up an early composition

I compostited  an rough using an early illustration

I rushed in and worked on it

using the music video screen cap as reference, even down to the detail of the Eiffel Tower

an experiment with how it'd look with color, just a  slight hint of it. A washed out turn of the century film

closer to the final but actually wrong font because I haven't installed the new fonts in yet
This was a fun piece to work on, it's more my sense of humor, beautiful women and cute animals. The context of the music video also helps, so I hope fans of the video get the joke.