Sunday, May 27, 2012

vanessa lake

pin up of the model Vanessa Lake
some nice close ups which you can't see in this re sized version
I work immediately on this digitally and here are a few step by step of my art process
a rough break downs. Not anatomically correct, had to extend out the torso. I noticed this as I worked on the arms.
simplified color layout. There's a line overlay, a bit stylized then how I enjoy it.

a texture was added temporary. Not sure if I enjoyed it, the shading on the skin was smoothed out

more attention to hair and tattoos came in . The tattoos were on a layer above, just to not mess up the skin.

more attention to the hair, eyes needed a drastic improvement, wanted that sleepy seductive look . Really took a long time to achieve that
 a texture was added in the background, opacity was turned down to 16% and layer was set to light dodge.

A very difficult piece to work on. I enjoyed working on the hair and the tattoos the most. I learned a lot through this and felt it will improve my art process.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Carlotta Champagne

an illustration of Carlotta Champagne
and here's a nice close up which you can't make up at this resolution
 And here's a few work in progress how I came to this piece
simple break down
not the most difficult piece, but still always checking to see if correct in proportions

added the teal color to contrast the orange and red tones in the skin.
I loved working on this piece and I'd love to do some pieces like this.