Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well I was up late, watching a Fulci City of the Living Dead.... and you know what it SUCKED HARD!!!! The zombies were just big pussy maggot mess who could teleport and squeeze the brains out of your hair. And it's not so much a city, as a crypt that is poorly lit to make out.

So I decided to just doodle my own take on Zombies

Basically my inspiration for Zombies are just from the music video Thriller. I love the green neon light that comes below the sewer as the large fat blue man comes out. Oh that scared me a kiddie, and the man who vomits out black stuff. That's the kind of Zombies I love. That or Return of the Living Dead Zombies are so much fun and I'm impressed how Walking Dead's Zombie make up. But I love color with my zombies, greens, yellows, blue and lots of exposed organs. I really shy away from flesh tones.... that or my favorite zombie of all time..... the Crypt Keeper

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


kinda busy with other things, sketching up ideas for a dream video game concept. It's not in development, just kicking around ideas
Oh well, I love scanning in my own textures. So I found some paper bags and some cardboard boxes. Scanned them in high resolution, in photoshop I usually tweak up the levels to make sure things pop more and also include color value changes in order for it to change a bit.

I was never crazy about using textures off of the internet. A lot of that is because of resolution problems, but I do enjoy just finding and discovering my own textures and it's something that it's quite simple. It adds that little bit of personal taste that you can't find anywhere else.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

later gator

classic children joke that never gets old

Just got a new pen for my tablet, I feel a bit rusty doing this in fact I was dragging my feet throughout the line art part of this.

flat colors to help understand which character stand out. A more maroon/purple backdrop to contrast the green and and blue of the gator's skin.

And here's the texture, basically it's two layers, the same one actually

Simple shading, the idea that there more blocks you can always break apart, so sometimes they can be

the text was added to help me know where to locate it in the composition.

now I just just tweaked the color values on the gator in the back in order to make him pop out more. And some blue was added into the background to make sure his colors contrast from the Baboon who has similar values.

Closer to the end, more lighter colors to help pop out.

Overall it was difficult to start but as I progressed I got into the rhythm of it.