Tuesday, March 1, 2011

later gator

classic children joke that never gets old

Just got a new pen for my tablet, I feel a bit rusty doing this in fact I was dragging my feet throughout the line art part of this.

flat colors to help understand which character stand out. A more maroon/purple backdrop to contrast the green and and blue of the gator's skin.

And here's the texture, basically it's two layers, the same one actually

Simple shading, the idea that there more blocks you can always break apart, so sometimes they can be

the text was added to help me know where to locate it in the composition.

now I just just tweaked the color values on the gator in the back in order to make him pop out more. And some blue was added into the background to make sure his colors contrast from the Baboon who has similar values.

Closer to the end, more lighter colors to help pop out.

Overall it was difficult to start but as I progressed I got into the rhythm of it.


Sinistar1 said...

Looks like getting acquainted with an old friend with a new style. Fantastic!

crithon said...

thank man

"TORI CAT" said...

Great blog!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Its great to see your step by step process in how you work!! :D
I have currently just been working on a digital thumbnail for an exhibition piece in LA. I have put the digital work in progress piece on me blog, but plan to have the traditional finished piece scanned in and slapped up on me blog by the end of the week. So, people can see the way i some times approach things... As i work it up with inks and paints etc, i'll try and remember to photo its step by step progress!!!
Looking at your blog has really encouraged me to do this. Its really nice to see the stages and processes different artists go thru to create their finished piece. :)

Thanks for sharing!!
All the best!! Keep up the fab work!!

Tori Cat.x

crithon said...

Oh wow, that really cheers me up to know that I inspire you. My advice, don't afraid to censor or hold yourself back and think of like your talking to friends who care. Because you'd be surprise how many other artist out there appreciate the process.
thanks, I'll check out your work