Saturday, February 26, 2011

sketching in blue pencil

this is a test.
sorry, for breathing heavily into the mic, but using a headset.

Just testing out a new method of recording my work progress. I'll try again, but this time maybe a more stationary camera.
Tell me what you think.

Friday, February 25, 2011

new pen

for the past two years I've been having problems with my intuo 2 pen.... aside from the fact my tablet is over 8 years old and that wacom stopped supporting it. So I've been hesitant to take any steps to correct this. So for the past two years, I'd have weird inconsistent problems with my art, like it had a lump in the middle of a brush stroke or stop getting connection from the tablet. As always I found work arounds to extend the life of this tablet well beyond then it should have been.
And now again I continue that with a new Grip Pen. The good news is I can now work on photoshop, so you might be seeing some new art using the watercolor technique I had before. I'll be experimenting around for new ideas, I'm just happy it works now. Instead of using the eraser end like I did before.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

ash & kona

Old cat meets eager puppy
It's a sketch I've been working around for the past 3 months when I was babysitting my sister's puppy. Your going to see more of these two together.

Monday, February 21, 2011

gabe newell


A fun caricature I made for King Zilla

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cavegirl VS Raptors

a new cover I did for Schlock Magazine
I know the forearm is off, and I knew it was an akward pose to begin with. It's a pose I felt had power to it, and excited me to design a background around it.
Here are my early sketches, as you can see I had a concept for a background and a design of a woman. Multiple cavewomen? Yeah, I'll save that for later

A rough break down

more breakdowns on colors and shapes

I had lost the layer with the raptors on them, so I had to redraw them. Her face is actually changing from her on end, along with her arm. I kept flipping around the composition to get better angles. It's always tricky

Again, different head shape on the girl, I actually liked the look of her eyes, but the head was too large from the body.

a bit closer to the final, Added blood and top ivy of the trees.

More defined detailed on the raptors and colors, this technique basic is going in at full resolution, defining the darkest tone, and then blending in softer shades and just blending it in there. I like to think of it more like building blocks.

and now for some tight close ups your not going to see on these images unless your on this end of the computer monitor

It was a fun piece to work on and I hope to do another cave girl soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dejah Thoris

I'd like to thank Sinistar1 for his inspiration and help on this piece
here's my work process. Originally it started as a rough sketch from seeing Sinistar1's original piece. I don't know much about Dejah, only from Frazetta art. So I went for a classic pin up style with a touch of Art Adams inspiration.

so I just went immediately to work with a rough shapes and composition. Now there was a pale blue background because it'd help to work as an opposite value from the core flesh tones.

Closer to the final color scheme I wanted. No idea how the left will end up, but basically the main theme is just Dejah with a Banth beside her.

Now her jewelery is coming out, rough idea, for a while I wanted a decapitated head, and a sword beside her, but I didn't like how the hand would look if it was half gesturing to come forward. The Jewelery head dress design, is inspired by a Frank Frazetta piece.

Now more fleshed out, the lava style floor, another idea from a frazetta paintings I keep seeing. Although I must confess the legs look odd, I needed to fix that.

Now I ditched the head dress design into something closer to my original sketches. The shape and form of the body is closer to how I wanted it to me, except longer legs. Now Sinistar advised me to arch her back back, but I opted against his sage advice and wanted something more in a curvey shape. So I'd like the records to show that the advice was given to me, and I went along without it.
I started to paint away the pale blue and wanted more pink to go along with her orange skin tone. I didn't want a high contrast of colors, the blue would have worked but I thought it added a bit more mystical theme with the purple.

nice close ups

Such a fun piece to work on

Friday, February 11, 2011

still distracted

Sorry, still going out there for achievement points

Get your Portable ID!
but anyway I am doodling little things as games are loading.... as long as I get games that take time to load..... like maybe Crysis 2, which will probably run like crap on my 300 bucks rig. But anyway, a friend of mine requested me to do another pin up for Schlock. So you should see that up soon.