Friday, February 25, 2011

new pen

for the past two years I've been having problems with my intuo 2 pen.... aside from the fact my tablet is over 8 years old and that wacom stopped supporting it. So I've been hesitant to take any steps to correct this. So for the past two years, I'd have weird inconsistent problems with my art, like it had a lump in the middle of a brush stroke or stop getting connection from the tablet. As always I found work arounds to extend the life of this tablet well beyond then it should have been.
And now again I continue that with a new Grip Pen. The good news is I can now work on photoshop, so you might be seeing some new art using the watercolor technique I had before. I'll be experimenting around for new ideas, I'm just happy it works now. Instead of using the eraser end like I did before.


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HAHA, That's pretty fitting because there's a zelda sword replica right beside it, but how about an R2D2 Beep instead because one of the 80s R2 toys is next to it.