Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cavegirl VS Raptors

a new cover I did for Schlock Magazine
I know the forearm is off, and I knew it was an akward pose to begin with. It's a pose I felt had power to it, and excited me to design a background around it.
Here are my early sketches, as you can see I had a concept for a background and a design of a woman. Multiple cavewomen? Yeah, I'll save that for later

A rough break down

more breakdowns on colors and shapes

I had lost the layer with the raptors on them, so I had to redraw them. Her face is actually changing from her on end, along with her arm. I kept flipping around the composition to get better angles. It's always tricky

Again, different head shape on the girl, I actually liked the look of her eyes, but the head was too large from the body.

a bit closer to the final, Added blood and top ivy of the trees.

More defined detailed on the raptors and colors, this technique basic is going in at full resolution, defining the darkest tone, and then blending in softer shades and just blending it in there. I like to think of it more like building blocks.

and now for some tight close ups your not going to see on these images unless your on this end of the computer monitor

It was a fun piece to work on and I hope to do another cave girl soon.


Sinistar1 said...

I love this! The colours are so vibrant!

Your getting closer to a sort of great balance between Interesting, Painterly and sexy faces.

I tweaked the face a little to see what it would look like if the features were softened out like most mainstream faces and it just looked boring.

crithon said...

haha, that's cool. I like what you did there with the changes. By the way were you using photoshop or painter to make the edits?

Sinistar1 said...

I was using Sai. I only use photoshop for final edits these days. Painter is quite unstable on my pc, I might need to get the new version. :/

crithon said...

I need to try out Sai one of these days. Right now I am debating about buying a new tablet or do a stop gab and replace my grip pen.... Or just pre order a bad ass game like crysis 2 and then not be productive :-P

Sinistar1 said...

It all depends on what tablet you have now. What do you currently own?