Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dejah Thoris

I'd like to thank Sinistar1 for his inspiration and help on this piece
here's my work process. Originally it started as a rough sketch from seeing Sinistar1's original piece. I don't know much about Dejah, only from Frazetta art. So I went for a classic pin up style with a touch of Art Adams inspiration.

so I just went immediately to work with a rough shapes and composition. Now there was a pale blue background because it'd help to work as an opposite value from the core flesh tones.

Closer to the final color scheme I wanted. No idea how the left will end up, but basically the main theme is just Dejah with a Banth beside her.

Now her jewelery is coming out, rough idea, for a while I wanted a decapitated head, and a sword beside her, but I didn't like how the hand would look if it was half gesturing to come forward. The Jewelery head dress design, is inspired by a Frank Frazetta piece.

Now more fleshed out, the lava style floor, another idea from a frazetta paintings I keep seeing. Although I must confess the legs look odd, I needed to fix that.

Now I ditched the head dress design into something closer to my original sketches. The shape and form of the body is closer to how I wanted it to me, except longer legs. Now Sinistar advised me to arch her back back, but I opted against his sage advice and wanted something more in a curvey shape. So I'd like the records to show that the advice was given to me, and I went along without it.
I started to paint away the pale blue and wanted more pink to go along with her orange skin tone. I didn't want a high contrast of colors, the blue would have worked but I thought it added a bit more mystical theme with the purple.

nice close ups

Such a fun piece to work on

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