Tuesday, March 8, 2011


kinda busy with other things, sketching up ideas for a dream video game concept. It's not in development, just kicking around ideas
Oh well, I love scanning in my own textures. So I found some paper bags and some cardboard boxes. Scanned them in high resolution, in photoshop I usually tweak up the levels to make sure things pop more and also include color value changes in order for it to change a bit.

I was never crazy about using textures off of the internet. A lot of that is because of resolution problems, but I do enjoy just finding and discovering my own textures and it's something that it's quite simple. It adds that little bit of personal taste that you can't find anywhere else.


Sinistar1 said...

You find any texture that helps simulate gauche paintings you let me know y'hear!

Dream video game concept? By any chance is it Super Sonic and Mario's Universe: Snakes Awakening?

crithon said...

hmmmm I'm not sure what gauche painting is really like? I'm so used to seeing it like watercolor style to it or thicker like acrylic. I mean I never seen much of a thickiness to the textures.... maybe I don't know much about Gauche paintings?

lol, If I did a platformer it'd be closer to Rescue Rangers and Duck Tales.

Sinistar1 said...

Gouache* sorry lol. It's pretty much a watercolour version of acrylic but has more of a matte finish. I actually prefer acrylic because you can pretty much paint on anything solidly, wood, plastic, glass displays.

I'm pitching a Darkwing Duck game at the end of the month to a company. Glad I'm not alone in thinking ducks are cool.

crithon said...

hehe, no need to correct your spelling it's the internets. But yeah, I don't know really more the tactile nature of the medium so I don't know really how to mimic it. Like with watercolors it's about colors bleeding into the paper, and that's how I got the whole gimmick to work using the layer options.

Yeah, I miss going to life painting, and carrying my acrylics and having them dry super fast after a 2 hour life painting session.

Hehe, so happy to see the Disney comic company releasing Darkwing Duck comics, just hope they get a large marvel distribution arm.