Sunday, July 8, 2012


 Inspired by a Depeche Mode song. Love the fashion models but had to have my own humor into it.

it took me a while to get this right, so I started just trying to work the fashion model angel

and then I decided to explore myself with my cat

I have this blue color erase pencil lead so I played with that to get the right movement
I rushed in and started working in without the lines being finished and set up an early composition

I compostited  an rough using an early illustration

I rushed in and worked on it

using the music video screen cap as reference, even down to the detail of the Eiffel Tower

an experiment with how it'd look with color, just a  slight hint of it. A washed out turn of the century film

closer to the final but actually wrong font because I haven't installed the new fonts in yet
This was a fun piece to work on, it's more my sense of humor, beautiful women and cute animals. The context of the music video also helps, so I hope fans of the video get the joke.

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