Saturday, February 4, 2012

alien study

Sorry I have not posted more then a month, been a sluggish start of the year, been more fooling around with ideas.
Recently been taking a break how I normally illustrate and just using reference photos to paint.
well originally I start by illustrating in a monotone style with shades of gray.
As i get close to what I like, I start slapping in high saturation color tone with the intention to blend them into those gray tones.
there is no real intention to be photo realistic, just try to play around with colors, what should pop what shouldn't.
learn from your mistakes, it was a wonderful experiment to play around with


Jared said...

oh fucking sweet Victor! love your color work. after all these years i still avoid painting like the fucking plague:P
Are you ready for Ridley Scott Prometheus?! im so stoked for it. :)
keep up the posting man. you do the world an injustices not to pump these goodies out.

crithon said...

thanks man, even if it's out of proportions. hehe. It's just something to play around with some new techniques. Right now trying something out in photoshop. I will post up a step by step of it.

Yeah, I'm a foaming fanboy for Prometheus. I think what's exciting me most is it's sense of production and style. Feels more like what if they made Alien TODAY, but I mean what I love about alien is the small scenes like the loney shots of Ian Holm just jogging in place before he sits on a chair. Or like Yaphet Kotto and Harry Dean Stanton fucking with Sigourney Weaver with the steam vent. Those scenes feel natural and are interesting.