Tuesday, June 9, 2009

angry cat part 2

sigh, I'm trying to appeal to Blogger's common sense
just continuing this story, there will be more.

and now my chance to show yet again how I work this through

The reason why I did this was because I kept coming up with sketches and ideas of how this would turn out. So Here's some rough concept sketches, please ignor the castlevania fanart

I start with flats, use the same color pallet from the last piece

I usually start any piece with the largest body. So I go with the rat's fur

Slight detail on the rat's ears and tail.

the new ruined cat puppet

simple color for the bandages

early light glow. like he's walking away from the scene.

I had to redo the fur, more shadow in order to get the lighting correct.

now changing the lighting on all the smaller details, the puppet, the nose, the bandages, and added a slight green rim light. It helps pop things up.

my art without any lines or texture. For all those who wanted to see what it looks like underneath. It looks sloppy because I work with the layers above, which helps because the textures do solve all the problems I have with my coloring.

finally added a layer above with color dodge to pop up the highlights. It effects the lines, and effects other colors, it helps add more character to the coloring.


Sinistar1 said...

Wow, I love how you pour light and colour into those flats. These are more like tutorials than walkthroughs. Really great!

crithon said...

hee hee, thank you, I've been taking more and more screenshots as I'm working. It's a bit annoying working with Blogger's settings to put in the photos and then copy it past it back into the text. But you've been pushing me to work in blogger... and thanks for pushing me. I'll do more of these.