Thursday, June 11, 2009

angry cat part 3

dedicated to my friends
part 3, Building from a wreck

It's a personal series for me.
Well here's the work in progress

early on it's a bit messy, very crude lines, but I'm expecting this to be a difficult piece, because there is so much geometry to color in.

again started coloring my main subject, started with the darkest tone instead of the color I laid out on the flats.

then working on the cat head

it's still very crude, but it's all about moving myself from object to object. Getting use to the terrain and getting a feel how I want the colors to shape out.

this looks like a drastic jump, but really not as much, just basic shadows to again get the feeling. In fact there are lots of holes in there, that I had to come in later and close them up because they were way too pronounced.

changing the shading on the rat's body because now I understand how the lighting is going to work

Color dodge was used on the lights, a duplicated layer with lower opacity helps to make it brighter, but there's a balance because the center gets intensifies and the outer edge fades according.

a tight close up


A. Bair said...

It's so great to see your WIPs! Really! I get so inspired. By the way ... what is that marvelous texture you use? And what kind of layer settings do you use with it?

crithon said...

thank you, actually it's nothing more then the cardboard backing of watercolor paper packet. I just keep it set to "overlay" so the white below can stay consistent and anything gray absorbs the color

German said...

Glad to see you on the blogs man!! look forward to all the pretty!

A. Bair said...

Thanks! I've used cardboard before, on overlay as a matter of fact, but I've never had as marvelous an outcome as your pieces. Guess I'll keep trying! =)

crithon said...

a.bair = okay, I'll make a tutorial again explaining how to do this. I'm sorry but you have to dig through some of my older posts on deviant art or live journal. I've gone in great details how to do this.