Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vampire Killer

Castlevania's Simon Belmont made for Michele Legendre Pixel Love show

Unlike before where I went step by step, I think there were way too many steps on this. I'll show a bit of the early work
Early on it was a super rough make

Although originally I didn't design the face as detailed, it was suppose to be super rough. Still it was a fun experence trying to go something more detailed then simple shapes.

The hair was changed to look more in motion, but also more skeletons were added. Now it's still debatable if the scene is too crowded, but still the skeletons have a simple color scheme to them. In the final design they have more color variations because they express a lot for just simple army of the damned. Still it was fun making characters for each of them even though they are all based on enemies in previous castlevania games.

Some nice tight close ups your probably going to miss on this lower resolution

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