Saturday, October 9, 2010

power girl gets no respect

watch what you say at comic book conventions.

dedicated to my favorite artist Amanda Conner
Thanks to working all digital I'm able to not feel too constricted with my original design. Originally this was a sketch I came out with a year and a half ago, and I'd have so much trouble redrawing it over and over again. A lot of ideas like "The fist should be more pointed out," or "maybe a more vicious laughing expression?" Any little idea I'd start from scratch but in digital I can incorporate it and go with the flow.

The head on the bald nerd, I was able to simply elongate it so you can see closer into his teeth design.

The original design made it look like Power Girl was kicking them, when instead I wanted her to come closer to them. Now there's small amounts of colors splashed into the face.

More simple colors added into the scene to help me understand how different they would be be compared with one another.

a lot more detailed added to the fanboys heads.

more and more detail added to their faces and bodies, smoothing them out. The Bald Nerd gets less of a pimple nose

A lot more smoothing out Power Girl's face, was worried about applying a thick line to the painter style.

More detail on the nerds, the hands were changed in order for there to be more of an interaction with one another. The Super Small fat hands was inspired by Tim Burton designs. And more color to Power Girl's leg that's two contrasting color values.

Now a gray background

Boots and gloves now added to Power Girl. I really wanted a nice elongated tip to power girl's boots then just pumps.

Closer to the final version, more little small detail to Power Girl, making it Sharper. The Laughters are all done in painter, I removed the comic title because I wanted to added that with cleaner fonts in photoshop.

Overall it's wonderful to get this all done and in a style I didn't expect.


Sinistar1 said...

I was gonna say that her left leg is a bit too long compared to her right one but looking at your process the slight exaggeration helped define her pose. Great work dude, those guys look like real jerks.

crithon said...

yes, your right, but I thought maybe coloring them different kinda gave a sense of depth? Like the pinkish tone to her leg, I don't know if it's clear enough? maybe it's not?