Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bloody Tears

A new castlevania 3 - Dracula's Curse piece, staring Trevor Belmont, Alucard, Sypha Belnades, and Grant Danasty made for Michele Legendre's upcoming Pixel Love art show. I'm so excited to participate in this and it gives me an excuse to be a video game nerd

now a brief behind the scenes of this development.
This has been in development for a month, long time just studying crypts. But still the idea is focusing on the heroes, so I just jumped into it and immediately drew the crypt with rough idea of the heroes.

Now carving out the shape of the heroes I designed shapes of the monsters. Making them more into shadows then actual designs of individual monsters.

Now sharper designs of each monster, fallowing sprites from the game. Except for Peeping eye, which is a monster I always enjoyed. Alucard's face was something I was getting annoyed with. So I decided to redraw him on a separate sheet of paper. I deeply considered redesigning his Costume since I was basing it off of Castlevania 3, but still his design from Symphony of the night is so iconic it's hard to eliminate all of it. So I went for a sleeker design

Now some early color schemes, I always intended to wash out the contrast as they blended into the colors of the background but also showcasing their own individual color schemes.

Now the effects around each character, to help illustrate their color schemes individually.

Now focusing on the background. There has to be two or three different colors on the wall, helps give the illusion of dirt and grime but still keeping that one color sceme. Also if you notice Trevor keeps getting his face redrawn but more importantly there's now another arm, helping him get some balance in his body movement. It's always a work in progress.

That's about it, until we get to the SUPER TIGHT Detail to enjoy.


Sinistar1 said...

wow, another heavy hitter! Seeing those sketches of Maria is a real treat.

My only very minor crit is the face of the red head girl seems more rendered than that of Dracula's and Trevor.

Anyway this new style of yours is rocking. How your doing this without textures is beyond me.

crithon said...

Actually, I was somewhat referencing a real person for Syphia from an actress from an Vincent Price film, I was interested on hitting a few key shapes in the female face, and because of that that I didn't know when to stop referencing. Actually all of them were going to have more realistic heads, Trevor went through like 7 different heads. Alucard especially never looked interesting too realistic, using Luke Gross from Hellboy 2 as reference. Trevor was an actor from a the Vincent Price film Witchfinder General, Ian Ogilvy. And Syphia was Jane Asher, she had wonderful costumes in the film Masque of Read Death.

Your right, her face stands out badly, it's my fault for keeping it there.

I don't know it's good to use some references, especially hair and clothing, Tunics, capes, long hair, big eyes, I mean Lord of the Rings is the most recent thing we have now, but Hellboy 2 has a wonderful Tunic design for Prince Nuada..... although there's a lot of Cosplayers who get Alucard looking all silly.... Right now Watching Curse of Frankenstien, you can totally see Mignola was referencing Peter Cushing for almost everything. I'll probably do a study from that film soon.

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are so awesome.

Erin Hunting said...

This is fantastic Victor, so much happening which I love & your colours always bring your pieces too life even more.

crithon said...

thanks erin, I didn't expect it to be as colorful until near the end. It's quite my own sense of color oversaturation