Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only time I'm drawing Mario

I can never understand how to draw Mario, because most of the time I keep recalling instruction manual art and nothing that I draw is up to par with that art. So I'd rather draw Pixel Mario instead.
And Quick friend of my friend Dirk Schulz, better known as Themrock as we both discover the joys of Game For Window Live...... sigh, what a mess

just a quick sketch of Scrooge McDuck if I were to draw him slightly different, and an actual Beagle Boy.

I'm a sucker for Cats playing the blues. A small sketch of how I would draw the cheshire cat

I'm having difficulty trying to draw Anna Paquinn, she's got that chizled look where one off angle and she's a mess. Although I must say Pam is a lot of fun to draw, she's a one note character but GOD she's so much FUN! And Eric this past season has been really fascinating to watch, usually I found him annoying.

Yeah, it's kinda a cheap thing to just draw Jessica from True Blood, but I love all her lines. I thought it'd be funnier to draw her more cartoonie as she says her dorky lines. Oh god, I'm so involved with her relationship with Hoyt that I was doodling some sketches of them back together.


Samolo- Manuel A. Molohua Hernández said...

Man! what had happened to you? its been like forever since the last time that I heard from you, nice to see you uploading great stuff again!

crithon said...

thanks, it's a LONG story, but I'm taking baby steps back