Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Krypto n Ace

the morning routine.

First time I did a cartoon all digital even the concept. I've had this idea of super girl walking Krypto for a year now. Just needed a new style to get me out of the slump of my regular method.

It was a simple idea, and I knew the basic composition that I was going for. I had to resize the heads because I am very insecure with my proportions, even for cartoons.

as you can see heads and legs get corrected

A splash of color gets added

Now the color get blended into the scene

More color gets blended in

And interesting Matted fur design. It's not the best to go ultra real but it helps at least get everything done super quickly with this pattern. Also added blets to the girls. Went with a classic Supergirl design instead of what she wears now in the comics

Ace's body posture was copied then had his body matching with the rest of him. Super simple to do and no seems in there

Actually I had copied super girl's face to keep those color values close by when I needed to go in deeper details.


Added the little details on the costumes, and added the shading to the background

It's a new method, which I needed in order to get this idea off the ground. I'm happy with it, it's different then anything I expected. I might do more in this style again.

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