Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TF2 conga Line

been thinking about this one since I first started playing the game. Just the typical scene of just a crew of players getting dominated by an effective spy.

sketching ideas over this piece. A nice idea of each characters own clumsily running to a sentry gun.

early on I knew this wouldn't work crammed into a simple 8x11 inch sheet of paper. I would need to draw individually each character on a sheet of paper.
so it's a mess but I could work around this

the thing is most of the tf2 characters have individual colors even if they are blue and red

here it's getting closer along

almost everyone has their own colors

a more rendered out sniper

closer to the final version but still not the right colors down, more need for blending into the background
this was a fun piece to work on. Much much much larger then I imagined, a file size of 270 mb large, and 28x8 inches large composition.


Jared said...

ithahaha awesome dude! love it, some of the sketches are awesome! i love seeing your progression of work.

crithon said...

thanks man, yeah it's a long process even when I think I thought this piece was going to be something quick.