Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chun Li VS Mai

I'm inspired by my friend Justin and Camilla when they draw beautiful statuesque women.
been sketching chun li all my life, so for me, it's that design of he neck, her shoulders that really stand out and become so iconic. I used Street Fighter 3 for it's more WuShu fighting style.
takes me a while working on the line work. I feel very insecure about a lot of things, Scanned it in at multiple points, in fact thought about not finishing the lines and going straight into photoshop

the color are simple, same colors on each not too different considering how mia is so influenced by chun li.

 I tend to use the same cardboard texture

without the textures

inspired by the Scott Pilgrim DVD cover, wanted to just try it out and see how it'd turn out.

I really wanted to push the shadows, to show more weight into their shape and form. It's easy to exaggerate them, but still their known for being different in their bust and thighs, so that's why I went the way I did.
This is really a gift to my friends and their inspiration.


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hehe, thank you, Chun Li is my favorite