Wednesday, October 26, 2011

brain talk

a gift for a friend Jill Kill a whimsical horror film fan and her loyal sidekick Darkling Dog. Took me a while working on this one, went in from about a good 8 pages of redrawing the illustration
lots of silly ideas kicking around, but not focusing on composition and making sure it works.
Now here's where I had problems I drew this around 5 times. I'll spare you all the drama, and just show you some of them
I wasn't happy how it turned out, so I was playing around with earlier sketches and putting them into the final piece.
a tighter, cleaner design, it helped me work faster
I started work on Darkling, because of the shaggy hair it's easy to get confused, and wanted his emotion to come out clear
it's fun working on the brain, just kept thinking of every single silly horror film I've seen.

Now skin is improve and the electricity from the tesla coils is moving around
now doodling designs of a Rat and a Spider, which I always wanted in the scene but didn't know exactly where and how. Now I rushed into this piece because thinking about designing the rat and the spider would have just made me procrastinate this further.
lots of doodling the background blending colors together, cleaning up smudges.
This piece was a lot of fun to work on and I'm proud how it turned out. I've doodles a billion sketches so I might do another one soon.

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