Saturday, October 15, 2011

fighting fish of the underwater pitfighting tournament.
Been working on this for a while. I'm always insecure of my work. SO I will sketch the idea a billion times over.  

there's a simple idea of a little fighting fish beating up big brutes. I might make more of a series of little fishes.

again exploring ideas of colors and style. It was a wise idea to pick Siamese fighting fish because they are so colorful easy to work with it and design a backdrop that complements their colors

trying to design the Kirby Dots. I never did anything like this digital, so it was just baby steps while still coloring the main composition.

I'm awfully insecure how I try something new, so there's about 4 different layers here, on the kirby dots, the glow in the background and each element.

masking was used to make the lines in the action a white splat over the face the show where the fish is impacting.

adding simple font with font bending effects to fallow along with the movement

this was a fun piece to work on, expressing my own sense of humor and personality. I hope to make more of these fishes in the future.

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