Friday, March 6, 2009

flying with reginald

I hate you blogger
friends don't let friends drive drunk

yeah, this is a sketch I've been working on since last year, Sept 14.

It's been crude work for a while, but I'm happy with the results, it's one of those pieces where it grows on me the more I spent time apart from it.
check out the work process

working off the original idea, but then jumping into an idea of playing with the angle.

original sketch, was going to add lines in there later

testing out on expanding the border, and figuring out a temporary clouds

simple color cut outs

added the usual texture

as you can see I was going for different color tones inside the clouds and then adding the wind, which I later just polished.

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alexpal said...

HI Vic, thanks alot for the visit, and for whatching my blog. I'm very pleased to have you as a friend in DA and now here on Blogger, take care buddy!

Greetings from Mexico!