Friday, March 20, 2009

fairy protest

i hate you blogger

Fairies are concerned with insect cruelty.

It's an older sketch, I worked on a few years ago I came back to. Although this time I fleshed out the frog design a wonderful excuse to study animals more. Instead of going more strict and detailed design, I went with this more sillier concept. Man he'd make a great puppet.

I actually redrew her 3 times, Just wanted to go with less thick lines to make her thinner then most of my standard women designs. Still the thicker arms help show her Sass.

I had problem developing the skin. I wanted her to be pale, and working with the textures it was hard to tell if I was going the right way. So I went with one ext ream color scheme, and then shift the hues to get to something closer to what I wanted

added some pink tones. This is all a base, I would later start to paint something closer to what I want.

closer to the end

without textures and lines, so it's my paints naked.

just like before, I didn't know where to start with so many colors on the frog, I started with a base so I could get an idea of the shape.

Now I didn't change the hue, instead I immediately painted over in a simple base.

Still it's a fun piece, I had a lot of fun working on

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