Wednesday, February 11, 2009

valentine's day precious

a sketch I've had lying around for a few months. My girlfriend has been reassuring me that this would make an excellent finished piece. So this is a wonderful time to surprise her with an early Valentine's day gift.

well, I was going through a theme of girls and pets. Might make some more later. I'm a bit self conscious how the cat turned out, but I know he's being scratched so I could get away with a bit. Still I studied Persian cats..... ugly things. Since I have an superior Tabby

original line

just started working on the girl immediately. She's a wonderful body, it's something I just was eager to shape as I was originally doing the line art.

love to show behind the layers, because textures steal the show.

it was a quick moving piece, half of what slows me down is really just feeling pressured to design on colors of elements. I don't work with broad strokes, I just work one element at a time. It's at the end I work in broad strokes.

once I got to this point I add broad strokes of colors that I wished to blend to one another. I designed a sloppy wallpaper, only because I knew it'd be covered by textures. But still the design works as an overlay, and anything on a bright surface disappeared so I inversed it, and made it screen. It's a subtle effect, but still reduced the opacity because I didn't want it to dominate the composition.

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