Monday, February 2, 2009

left 4 dead poster

some of my work in progress while I was working on the piece, I hope you enjoy it

it wasn't the art style alone I was inspired by, but actually the technique it was used. All things considered, the HL2 engine is over 5 years old, games that are over 3 years old look terrible about now. So it's quite admirable they were able to make the game not look plastic dolls. Still I was inspired by the Iris blur and the noise in the shadows, it's an art technique that I was interested in playing around. So this was just a test to see if it could work.

I find it somewhat motivating to work in elements. Now this is just to get just the simple shadows and shapes down, when I'm near the end I'll blend, and shade in more broad stroke that help blend together with the final composition.

added tattoos in a separate sheet of paper, on a side note, two textures alone is over 100 MB :]

close to end, playing with the blue and the added noise. I used a simple cardboard for the border, desaturated, increased the levels, then applied layer option "screen." A little bit of masking and then it's a proper boarder.

There was a lot of me, voicing around horror film announcer as I was working on the catch phrase. Hee hee, makes me wish I did direct this as a horror film.

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