Sunday, November 14, 2010

dragon sketches

I must confess I haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon yet. I just had this urge to draw dragons at least how to appeal to the inner 8 year old in me.

A bit of inspiration from Metal Gear Ray, it has such an organic design, hard not to be inspired by that.

A lot of my inspiration came from Final Fantasy Tactics and Record of the Lodoss Wars series. More so Tactics because they showed a lot of shape in such small sprites.

Hard for me to resist drawing crazy spikes, and billion scales, because as a kiddie I would get stuck doing that.


Sinistar1 said...

This is funny cause I learnt how to do monster legs from drawing Ray all the time when Liberty came out. In fact a Pokemon I just I drew for a jam has Ray-esque legs.

These are some great sketches, I love lizards with under-bites.

crithon said...

hehe, I had these McFarlane MGS2 figures sitting in front of me for 10 years and now I finally use them for inspiration. :-P
yeah, kinda inspired by the artist of Tactics he has the new DS game 4 warriors of Light. Which has the 4 characters a top of a dragon flying. I want that game so badly.

aintshakespeare said...

Cool dragons. I really like those suits of armor.

crithon said...

aintshakespeare- thanks